Fortify Your Platform with the Latest Software Security

Your security is a top priority at King of Pop 777. Our sweepstakes software is built with state-of-the-art technology to ensure the highest level of security. We use cutting-edge security servers with high-end encryption to protect you and your clients from hacker threats. 

You won’t have to worry about system disruptions. We always ensure that our sweepstakes software has the latest updates. 

We are Always There for You 

King of Pop 777 is always available to help you. If you face any challenges, our qualified technicians are always on standby to solve the issue quickly. 

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We estimate when the issue will be resolved. This helps you to save valuable time and ensure a seamless experience for your players. 

Simplify Your Transactions with Advanced Integrations 

Using our integrated payment system, you can streamline transactions and improve client satisfaction. King of Pop offers several services, including integrating gift cards, payment gateways, and bill verification. 

We've integrated POS and CRM technologies into our sweepstakes software to make your job easier.

Get In-Depth Insights with Our Analytical Tools

With our analytical tools, reporting tools, administrative dashboards, and more, you can unlock comprehensive insights into what’s going on in your business. 

Thanks to our sweepstakes software, you have the resources to handle your sweepstakes parlor skillfully. Nothing will be out of your sight! 

Choose from Hundreds of Quality Games

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With a vast selection of games, give your players an unforgettable experience. King of Pop's sweepstakes software includes everything from keno to baccarat, video slots to card games, blackjack to poker, and more. 

Our realistic casino atmosphere will delight your players, keeping them coming back for more!

Keep Your Players Coming Back for More

With our sweepstakes software, you can quickly implement loyalty programs. With special bonuses, promotions, and unique offers, you can reward your loyal players and keep them returning, increasing customer retention.

King of Pop 777’s Compatibility is Unrivaled

Our sweepstakes software works with various devices and operating systems, including desktops, mobile phones, and even kiosks. This adaptability guarantees that you can serve various clients and broaden your reach.

Customize Your Platform to Match Your Brand 

Make your parlor's design and look fit your brand. Our sweepstakes software enables a configurable user interface to show your brand's unique personality.

Create & Manage Your Marketing Campaigns with Ease 

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You can easily create and manage your marketing promotions with our software’s built-in tools. Send out promotions, bonus deals, newsletters, etc., to attract new players and keep existing players engaged. 

King of Pop 777 Complies with all Laws 

King of Pop 777 is legally compliant. Our sweepstakes software is pre-licensed, saving you time and guaranteeing compliance with national and international laws. Our top priority is your peace.

Players want reliability, and we provide it. Every casino sweepstakes game undergoes rigorous fairness testing. We stand out as the best in the market since our games use Random Number Generators. 

Your players will value the credibility we bring!

We Got You Covered!

From high-level security and 24/7 technical support to captivating sweepstakes games, we're your ticket to your brand’s success! 

Are you ready to take your sweepstakes parlor's future into your own hands? Stop the wait! Register now and see your brand grow instantly. Your success story begins right now!